September 18, 2018

(I promise that title is funny to at least 11 other people.)

Hello, all, and thank you for reading my very overdue blog post. In this post, I'm going to be addressing quite a few things since we have some catching up to do. 

First, I hit my thirty pound mark. All good things. I lost about 13 pounds over the summer, and I didn't do it through any extreme measures whatsoever. I've found that when I feed my body good things in the...

January 10, 2018

Hello all, and welcome back to another term in academia offered to you by the hallowed halls of your university for the low, low price of your left arm and your first born child. 

Since someone else is probably paying for most of your schooling (parents, scholarships, financial aid and loans, etc.) you might as well put their money to good use. So as we enter into another semester, I’m here to offer you some tips for doing just...

January 21, 2017

Helloooooo! As the queen of organization, I'm going to share with you my two main staples for staying on top of things. 

Highlighters and a planner. 

Yes, it's that easy! Any will do, but I recommend being as basic as you can be and invest in a Lilly Pulitzer planner. I have the smaller (maybe the smallest?) version you can get. It is a life saver. 

 It is so unbelievably important to color code your planner. That way you can tak...

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