The Importance of a Good Playlist

February 1, 2017

The summer of 2015 was the first summer I had my own vehicle. Up until that point, I had been an avid music listener but didn’t realize the importance of a good playlist until I had to make thirty-minute drives alone and got tired of the radio. I made a Spotify playlist called “Summer 2015” and played it every time I drove until I got absolutely sick and tired of The Weeknd and Sam Smith. Everyone goes on and on about nighttime drives in the summer with blaring music and the windows down, but this is for good reason. They can be incredibly life-affirming, especially when it is around midnight and the air is still sticky from the day’s humidity. I found myself getting questionable stares at red lights when I was singing too loud and felt tears sting the back of my eyes because of sad songs multiple times that summer, and this is when I realized that I could never go back to a minimum-music lifestyle ever again. When the summer ended and it was time to make 7:30am drives to St. Ursula Academy, I made another playlist, “August 2015.” At the beginning of every month from then until now I make a playlist of my current favorites and play it nonstop. I have discovered that music can get you through a homework assignment, a shower, a 4 and a half hour drive home, a breakup, an awkward situation or just about anything you could ever need to make it through. I recently took some time to look back and reflect on the correlation between my high school music choices and the month they were put in. Some songs even made it into playlists two months in a row. Some playlists have a very strict mood, such as may 2016 (still one of my favorites), but others seem to be made by someone who just can’t make up her mind on what mood she is in. Some of the songs that stick out to me the most since I began making these playlists have intense emotional attachment. I can put on a certain song and picture an exact time, a place and who I was with when I used to listen to it. This can be very problematic considering that some of these songs either make me want to sing at the top of my lungs or cry my eyes out after hearing the first few seconds, but that is why it is important to know your songs and playlists well. Music also has a direct impact on my workouts. If I am running and listening to a fast-paced song, I will match my pace to the beat and completely forget about how tired my body is. On the other hand, if I run out of skips, I find myself practically limping towards the end of my workouts. When January 2017 rolled around, I decided to treat myself to Spotify premium. Life-changing. My mood, workouts, and walks to class have improved tenfold with unlimited skips. 20-minute drives home from Sylvania have turned into 20 minute walks to geography class, so I still have a decent amount of travel time that requires music. Below I have compiled thirty songs that have impacted me the most over the last few years. While these songs are not necessarily my favorite songs of all time, they are the ones that force me to sing the loudest, cry the hardest, and remember the most. If you would like to feel every emotion possible, take a listen. 


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1. Sleep on the Floor // The Lumineers

2. Habits of my Heart // Jaymes Young

3. Wildfire // John Mayer 

4. Goodbye // Who Is Fancy

5. Dance With me Tonight // Olly Murs

6. Nirvana // Sam Smith

7. Silhouettes // Colony House

8. Sweet Disposition // The Temper Trap

9. Tongue Tied // Grouplove

10. When I Was Your Man // Bruno Mars 

11. Home // One Direction 

12. Die In Your Arms // Justin Bieber 

13. Tired of Talking // LÉON

14. Barcelona // George Ezra

15. All My Friends // Snakehips, Tinashe, Chance the Rapper

16. Cold Cold Man // Saint Motel

17. Sunday Candy // Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment 

18. Ultralight Beam // Kanye West

19. fOoL fOr YoU // ZAYN 

20. Tighten Up // The Black Keys

21. Houdini // Foster The People 

22. Loving You Easy // Zac Brown Band 

23. Love On The Brain // Rihanna 

24. Break From Toronto // PARTYNEXTDOOR 

25. This Girl // Kungs Vs. Cookin' on 3 Burners 

26. You & Me // Marc E. Bassy, G-Eazy

27. Valerie // Amy Winehouse 

28. The Girl // City and Colour 

29. Can’t Help Falling in Love // Hailey Reinhart 

30. A Sunday Kind of Love // Etta James 

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