Being Set Up

April 9, 2017

Over Snapchat a week or so ago, I told my friend that I thought the guy he was hanging out with was cute. Very quickly after, that guy had followed me on Instagram and DM'd me 'Hey'. Was I 100% serious about calling his friend cute? Yeah, sure. Did I want to be set up? No, not really. 


Out of politeness, I responded... ten hours later. 


I met him at a lit 90s dance at the Christian Student Fellowship-- yes you read that right-- and the first thing he did was give me a hug. Before hand, Sam and Lauryn and I stalked his YouTube channel to feel out what kind of a person he is (funny as hell btw).


Since then we've been texting and Snapchatting. 


He's a relatively nice guy and there's by no means anything wrong with him. 


But here's the thing: BEING SET UP IS SO FRICKIN WEIRD. 


I know that anything that happens between the two of us, if anything, will be directly communicated to the mutual friend that set us up. I know that 99% of the interactions between us will feel forced because if nothing happened our mutual friend might be uncomfortable because of his efforts to get us together.


Moral of the story: do not set up your friends.


Thank you and goodnight. 

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