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June 8, 2017



Now that Lauryn and I have successfully finished our first year at Kentucky, we're here to give tips for incoming freshmen. While in many parts of life it is not very smart to take advice about things, we are good for tips on decoration, academics, and how to successfully avoid the Freshman Fifteen (which we both did!)


This blog post is specifically about dorm decor, though, because I've been on Etsy too much today. Some of this is practical, some is purely decorative. Practical first. 


1. For starters, don't be afraid to make it homey

I know a lot of people go in to college thinking it's a waste of time and money to make your room as homey as possible, but it's where you'll spend A LOT of your time for the next nine months. Make it yours! Your friends who don't make their rooms homey will end up spending more time in your nice little cozy nest than in their own. 


2. It may be tricky, but curtains will save your life

At Kentucky, the blinds they put on the windows don't keep much out. I would've killed to have put up curtains every time I wanted to take a nap between my afternoon classes. A cheap set of lightweight curtains from target and some Command Hooks will be the best option. 


3. Mason jars aren't worth it

I know the trend for the last few years has been to use mason jars for everything and anything. They're not big enough for as much storage as you'll need. You have more makeup brushes and pens than you might think. Plus, when you move out, they're probably the most inconvenient things to store or to pack. They're nice for the moment but not practical for the long haul. 



I have never made better purchases than my throw blankets. They're good for when it gets cold at night and the heat vent in your room craps out, good for when your friends are sitting on your bed, good for when you have more than one person sleeping in your bed and the person that gets stuck at the end needs that extra blanket. You can take them outside to sit in the grass or to the library to get cozy while you study. Throw blankets, throw blankets, throw blankets. 



There's nothing better than having a mental breakdown because of the three papers and five exams you have due on Friday and looking up to see some inspirational quotes that don't actually do anything for your motivation! But they sure are cute! I got some really cheap frames and printed off some Etsy printables and they were a beloved part of my room for sure. 


6. Lastly, flowers

If you're ballin on a budget and can't afford fresh flowers all the time, grab some fake flowers at Hobby Lobby and put them in a vase near your bed or on your desk. It is 100% worth it and will boost your mood all the time... they may also boost your allergies if they're real. Still worth it. 


Pretty simple stuff, but I hope it's all useful.


Much love!






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