Podcast Spotlight: Coarse Ground

December 1, 2017

Hello everyone! Lauryn and I will be branching out a little from our usual posts and we'll be dedicating a post every month or two to up-and-coming podcasts that we think our readers will enjoy. We'll call it 'Podcast Spotlight' and give some information as well as where it can be accessed. 


First and foremost, we'll kick it off with some slight nepotism and put my brother Patrick in the spotlight. 


Patrick Perini developed the podcast 'Coarse Ground' within the last few months. His podcast is one that explores food and relating topics. 


Working with audio has always been a favored past time of Patrick's. That and his general search of a project to which he could dedicate time is what led him to 'Coarse Ground.' 


Patrick grew up in a split (and subsequently blended) household. During his childhood he put on weight, as did a lot of his family. His freshman year of college, Patrick weighed close to 250 pounds (left). He decided to make a change, thus changing his dynamic with food forever. He completely threw out the way he thought about food before and began anew. His new rigorous diet, with some light running here and there, was effective but limiting. (Photo of Patrick's weight loss, right.) Through those limitations, he developed a desire to start cooking in healthy ways so he could stay true to his new lifestyle and still enjoy what he was eating. Food and cooking both became a major part of his personality. In fact, before he went into the technological field, which is his career, he wanted to own a restaurant. 

After moving from Pittsburgh to San Fransisco, Patrick began feeling ill within the first two or three months. His food poisoning was severely mistreated and turned into a long-running systemic digestive problem. After about a year of doctors and tests and sickness, he was finally diagnosed with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. Food went from being a comforting part of his life to being the source of his pain. The disappearance of his ability to eat and cook freely took a little part of him with it as well. The fix was a near-total shutdown of what he could eat. No more social drinking, no more dinner with friends. The limitations in his diet made it so he was unable to cook. Not being able to use onion or garlic take a lot out of cooking. Indian food was the cherry on top. As something my brothers have always enjoyed, Indian food was a staple in Patrick's diet. He was unable to consume it after his traumatic experience, and that made it even harder for him. 


Patrick's relationship with food was injured, to say the least. His illness was a difficult one to communicate to people, as they just didn't understand.


"It's hard to explain to people that I'm magically allergic to things people have never heard of," Patrick said. 


Through his experience, or his consequence as he sees it, he found that there was not enough medical care for his problem, and the understanding of it just kind of sucked. He was frustrated and was looking for an outlet to solve some of these problems he was facing. Talking about food through a podcast seemed to be the answer. Patrick was unable to tell his story without frustration, but he wanted to hear the stories of others. He created Coarse Ground to do just that.


'Coarse Ground' has two episodes out already and a third one on the way. Each podcast begins with some background on the food he'll be talking about; so far, Coca-Cola and candy. The featured guest tells their story pertaining to that food, and the stories can range anywhere from a pleasant memory from their childhood to eating disorders and anything in between. After bringing everything full circle back to the food he started with, Patrick gives his listeners a recipe to try at home.


Every minute you spend listening to 'Coarse Ground' is one that is well spent. This podcast tells important stories in a way that every listener can understand and with which they can empathize. Maybe one day we'll even hear Patrick's story.


We strongly recommend that you check out this podcast, and stay tuned for the next episode!


Link to 'Coarse Ground'

Patrick's Twitter: @pcperini

Coarse Ground's Twitter: @CoarseGroundPod

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