A Month of Self Help

February 2, 2018

I was sitting thinking about what I wanted to do for the blog this month. What could I do that would interest people and interest myself? Quickly, I decided I wanted to a challenge. 


That decision led to a few questions:

How long will it be? 

What will it be?

Why am I doing it?


Almost right away, it felt right to keep it to only a month. February, to be exact. 28 days (technically 27 because Day 1 is explanation) of blogging what I'm doing and how my life is changing. I'm a student, and a busy one at that, so committing to something closer to a year might be dangerous. If the results are good, I might keep going. Maybe nothing will happen, or maybe I'll have some huge revelation and be the reason for world peace. We'll see. 


Deciding the 'what' would be a little more difficult. None of you would read my everyday blog post about how many miles I ran that day, and how my legs felt like jello by the time I sat down at my mat that I skipped doing my leg lifts, so a fitness journey was out of the question. A culinary adventure could be interesting, that is if you haven't seen the movie Julie & Julia. Amy Adams goes on a charming, year-long journey, challenging herself to work her way through Julia Child's entire cookbook. It would be too easy. Then I thought, 'What haven't I seen a public figure on Instagram do before?' 


I've always wondered if self help books actually work or if they're a load of, well, you know. I know people in my family read them... not sure what they really get out of them, but maybe that's how they make it through the day. To explore this question, one that I'm certain isn't just my own, I decided to challenge myself to that. One month, one self help book


I'm going to work my way through a section-- chapter? step? I'm not sure?-- every day. I'm going to apply what I learned in that section during the following day. Obviously, the application will be cumulative. I won't just do only one chapter for only one day. It'll build. 


The book is called 'Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking' by Barrie Davenport. As many of you know, I'm a pretty anxious person in

 general, so why not read a book that could improve one of my character flaws?


I'm just going to keep this like a journal. How is it going? What's going on in my life? How does that affect any progress I could make?


I figure it like this: everyone can improve. The worst thing that happens out of this is I've wasted something like $11 on a book, and I get absolutely nothing out of it. Maybe you, our friends, family, and general readers, will gain something. (?) This whole process is me just kind of winging it. 


So, that being said. Check back everyday sometime in the evening for updates. Please let me know what you think along the way! 



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