Day 6: A Thought is a Thought

February 7, 2018


Today I explored the next two tips the book gives me for refocusing my thoughts. First of all, interruption. Stopping a thought dead in its track by saying, "No," out loud can stop bad thought patterns that often develop into feelings of anxiety. Second, recognizing that a thought is just a thought, and that you are not that thought.


I didn't have any seriously bad thoughts today that qualified me verbally denying them, but I like the idea of thinking a thought is just a thought.


This morning, I woke up 40 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. I didn't sleep nearly as well as I did the night before last. I think this blog post is going to be a short one-- I have a really busy day today, and it doesn't seem practical to dedicate an hour and a half of my time to this today.


Still a busy day, no bad or intrusive thoughts to speak of.


I scheduled my interview for the other program I applied for. It's tomorrow at 11 a.m. Other than that, I have a boat load of work to do tonight, but I'm still running on a good day's energy and not having to refocusing my thoughts because they're all positive.

Final Thoughts

Today was not an introspective day at all. I've had so much going on since late last night that I haven't had time to sit down and write in depth posts. It's been a good day, though, and I felt more relaxed than I usually do. Maybe this whole ordeal is going to be for the better. 


Thanks for reading this incredibly mundane, pictureless blog post!

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