Day 7: The Rubber Band Trick

February 8, 2018


Hello readers, and happy one week of self help! With only 21 days left to go in this challenge, I'm making my way well through this book. I've been taking the 'reframe your thoughts' section one step at a time, because I think it's important to take each of these tricks into consideration and apply them during their own days. That is except one: the rubber band trick.


If you don't know what it is, you put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it against your skin every time you have a negative thought. Remember on The Suite Life on Deck when Cody and Bailey break up, and Cody has a rubber band around his wrist, and he snaps it every time he thinks of her? So the whole episode is just filled with him saying, "Ow?" Yeah, me too. I will not be using this trick. I couldn't do it without laughing! (Also, I don't own any rubber bands, so that doesn't help.)


I also have this super cute bracelet that Ben got me for Christmas on my wrist, and I just don't think a rubber band would complement it that well. Thoughts?


I think I have the mental capacity to stop negative thoughts from entering my brain, rather than having a mild form of weapon attached to me. 


So no rubber bands for me today. Let me tell you what I did do, though!


This morning I woke up from an incredibly strange dream, in which my Creative Writing teacher was crashing at my childhood house, and I went to pick something up, and he was just kind of living there. (?) What's up, Evan? Why are you here? Anyway, I also planned my outfit for today in the dream, and the sweater was Lauryn's, so the first thing I did was ask to borrow it. 


I made breakfast (peanut butter and honey toast with some pineapple, and it was delightful) and had some coffee. 


My interview that was scheduled for this morning at 11 got moved up to 10:30. I assume that was because I've met the coordinator before, so she might've felt more comfortable asking me. Who knows! I really didn't mind going in early because I was already ready. 


The actual interview went well, at least I hope it did. Beforehand, I was getting pretty nervous. I could feel my stomach start to get a little bit queazy, so I did my breathing exercise! (In four, hold two, out four, hold two.) It worked within maybe five minutes, and I went into my interview confident... and looking fabulous thanks to Lauryn and her sweater. 


I was expecting an interview with just the coordinator, but it was more of a panel interview, in which I spent probably ten minutes talking about how much I love Jackie Kennedy. I'm not even sorry.


I got my Italian quiz back, and I got an 87. I know what most of you are thinking: an 87 is fine, maybe even something to be proud of. I was disappointed, honestly. I started to have some pretty negative thoughts about how well I was actually learning this language, and whether or not my minor was worth pursuing. Here's the fun part, though! I recognized that those thoughts were just thoughts, and I basically just pushed them away. 


Also my dad sent me like four bottles of vitamin C supplements. The care package of champions.


Lauryn wasn't feeling well today, so it was just me at the gym. My timer on my elliptical started over, but I was watching the rock wall, so I had no idea how long/far I'd gone. I was starting to drag, so I just did five more minutes and made my way home. 


The gals of 514 went to dinner tonight, as per usual, at the dining hall they just bui


lt on north campus. They make a pretty mean grilled chicken.


Now, I'm just doing homework, writing this blog post and relaxing in bed. I have a few Kernel stories to crank out by the end of this week, but that shouldn't be an issue.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm finding it easier to cope with how I'm feeling about myself. I don't mean in a physical way, although those thoughts from my 16-year-old self do find a way in every now and again. I mean in a more emotional and mental way. My head feels a little bit clearer recently, like I know what to do and when I need to do it. If I'm thrown a curve ball, like my interview time this morning, I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of just breathing through it. 



This definitely wasn't a bad idea after all. 

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