Day 8: Distractions

February 9, 2018

The section today included the last couple of steps for the reframe your thoughts section. In a nutshell, know your triggers and distract yourself. 


These are two things that are incredibly different for me. One is something I respect doing, and the other feels to me like a cop out. I understand recognizing your triggers. That's an important step to taking a step back and realizing your thoughts are just your thoughts and not you. However, I feel like distracting yourself is a lame excuse to ignore your problems. So along with the rubber band trick, I will not be trying to distract myself from the problems at hand.


I'm going to do this post differently, no headers, no pictures. I've completed the first seven days of this challenge, and already I'm seeing in a difference, not only in myself but in the people around me. Before I get too philosophical, let me explain:


I've been finding myself having to deal with anxious thoughts less and less because I've been taking small steps every time I feel some negative thought entering my brain. That stops them from picking up speed and forming themselves into full-force panic attacks or something of the like. I've also been feeling more clarity everyday because of that. I'm less thinking about my to do list and more so thinking about what I've already accomplished that day. I've been thinking positive thoughts rather than negative ones. (Knock on wood, but) I've been doing a very good job at keeping myself away from this nasty cold/flu thing that's been going around, and that helps me a lot. When I get sick, I have to miss class, which stresses me out. I get really down on myself because I feel super helpless, and things just spiral from there. That hasn't happened and we've already been back for a month. I'm feeling pretty good about that. 


I've also noticed I've had an easier time just talking to people- not those in my everyday life. I obviously don't have trouble talking to Lauryn or Ben on a daily basis-- and this is what I mean by seeing change in people around me. I'm laughing more with people than I used to because I'm not projecting my stress on to them. I'm having a more pleasant time just being around people without overthinking what I'm going to say next or how long the silence lasts or why they didn't respond to what I said in the way I wanted. Things like that aren't parading themselves around in my brain as much, and I feel like because of that, people are having more fun just being around me.


I don't know that it is so much the book that is making this change for me, but more so my willingness to change. I think the tips and tricks they're offering are nice and helpful, but I've been taking a big step with myself even thinking about doing something like this, because quite frankly, I'm deathly scared of confronting my problems most of the time. 


I guess that's how I've been feeling about this whole thing lately. 


Thanks for reading.

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