Day 11: Establishing Core Values

February 11, 2018


Happy Sunday, everyone! Today's reading was about establishing core values and how that can clarify thoughts and purpose. The most important part of this reading was going through the core values list they provide in the back of the book and selecting the things that describe the person I want to be. Then I'm supposed to make decisions based on whether or not they fit my list. 


This morning, Ben and I went to Josie's. (What's new, right?) We ended up leaving a little early and just taking our food to go, which honestly saved me quite a bit of time. I ate my breakfast while doing homework instead, and I had it all done by noon. That's quite a feeling on a Sunday. Before we left, I snapped this sweet picture of Ben drinking some hot chocolate. Cute, right? I know! Anyway, we made a stop at Kroger on the way home, and I picked up some more tea, some pineapple, the new Good Thins (which, by the way, if you haven't tried, please do. I'm a sucker for Wheat Thins, and these are just a step up from them. I'm obsessed. Honestly, if anyone wants to send me a care package I'll take those, thanks.) 


Lauryn and I have this Creative Writing class together, the instructor's name is Evan, if you read my previous blog post that talked about the super weird dream I had that involved him. Anyway, we have to write a short story by the end of the month, and then we'll workshop it in class. (We did an exercise that prepares us for it, which is due tomorrow, that's how I got on this train of thought.) It might be a little long, but if you, reader, are interested in reading it, let me know and I'll post it on here.


By the way, I've been hearing from quite a few readers, whether by Instagram DMs, texts, Snapchat, etc. and I really love it! 


Ben left around two this afternoon, which always sucks. I did some reading and the dishes this afternoon. Overall, it was a very rainy, uneventful day in Lexington. I didn't have too many bad thoughts today. I've noticed those declining in the last two weeks.


This, unlike most people, is my favorite weather. I really like muggy days that are kind of warm. It makes me feel tired, but in a peaceful way. The view from our window in our common area is of the hospital parking garage and the skyline of Lexington in the background. I think it's a pretty nice view. You can always tell if it's raining because the puddle that gathers in the slope of the parking garage shows the raindrops. Quite the talented meteorologist life hack, if you ask me. 


Here's what I did with my reading today: 


First, I put sticky tabs (what do y'all call these? Ben kind of didn't know what I was talking about when I called them sticky tabs) with the dates when I'm supposed to read. It's roughly 4-5 pages a day, which will end up being 137 pages in 28 days. Almost half way there! This made me a lot less stressed about this whole process. Sometimes when I think about the reading I actually have to do for this blog experiment, it's overwhelming. But now that I have it all scheduled out, it seems really doable. As you have probably learned over the course of this process, I love to have things laid out. Now I can happily flip to the next tab, which, by the way are color coded according to the day. Stay tuned for how well that organizational system serves my needs for the next 17 days. Sounds like a lot, huh? 17 whole days. We can do it, reader, we can do it. 


Next, like I mentioned above, I followed step one and picked out my key words for living my best life. I'm only showing you the first few pages, because quite frankly, it gets synonymous once you get to a certain place in the alphabet. 

 Anyway, that's how today went. Thanks for reading! 


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