It's June, it's hot & I'm home

June 14, 2018

Hello, and thanks for waiting so patiently! I would list excuses about the end of the semester being busy and traveling and starting back at jobs and new internships but all of those are boring to read and don't count as valid reasons why I haven't been posting on here as regularly, so I am back without explanation. Writing for me ebbs and flows between stress-relieving and stress-inducing, so I am working on finding a way to keep myself in a headspace without the stress attached. Starting this post is step one. 


Although I have grown to love Lexington, living with my roommates, watching Bates Motel episodes nightly with ice cream bars in hand and lugging my laundry down five stories to wash and dry for $1.25 each, Toledo will always be home, and I am more than happy to be back. My living arrangements have changed drastically from last

summer (sharing a room with my younger sibling in my father's apartment is quite the experience after having my own room in our own house and living with my mother up until this point in my life), but I feel more ~bonded~ to Gracyn every time I come home to her piles of clothes and shoes scattered all over my side of the room. 


I have started working again at Ulta Beauty where I still find it difficult not to swatch everything in sight during my shifts, but there's no place I'd rather work retail for while earning near-minimum wage. Managers have switched around and employees have come and gone since last summer, but my 6am truck shifts are still just as organizationally satisfying as ever. Since it's hot (like 80s and 90s, Cathryn I know Arizona is hotter... just ignore this), putting on makeup is not a daily procedure since wearing it for

an entire day while sweating is the worst thing I can imagine. However, I love finally having an opportunity to use my collection of eye shadow palettes when I have a shift and can talk about it all day long to makeup lovers at Ulta. Come visit!



I'm also keeping up with journalism and interning at Adams Street Publishing, the publisher of the Toledo City Paper, in downtown Toledo. I will be posting on their Instagram (@toledocitypaper) and their Twitter (@TCPaper) throughout the summer, so give those a follow to make me happy! Working downtown and taking I-75 to get there in the morning makes me feel like more of an adult than just about anything else could. My younger self would be beaming. I feel like my mother who used to take the exact same drive every morning to her job as I was growing up. My

sister, Gracyn, actually is working downtown at the

Toledo Mud Hens, and my mother recently started at a new job in the same area. After spending a year in Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan, respectively, we're all back in one place! 



Onto travel; I just returned from a week-long trip to San Diego, Coronado and Palm Springs, California (see surrounding photos). We stayed on Coronado Island and took day trips throughout the week. California is absolutely gorgeous as everyone already knows, and spending some time by the ocean is one of the only things I have found that completely erases all my other stresses. It's probably the most cliche and boring thing that I could say as a writer, but I absolutely adore walking on the beach (even though I walked alone mostly as my family stayed on the beach wrapped in sweatshirts - that darn May Gray).




I would be spending this summer in a new place every week if I could, but things like money and work schedules exist, so I'll be spending most of my time here in Ohio. However, working at the City Paper means that all I do all day long is talk and write about fun things to do in Toledo and surrounding areas, so I definitely have more options to fill my time. Internship bias aside, if you're around my age or a full-grown adult and ever find yourself with a few hours of boredom ahead of you, check out the calendar on the TCP website. There are fun events to go to every day, I promise. 





In August I'll be moving into an apartment with my lovely roommates (off-campus! no more visitation rules and getting kicked out over holiday breaks!). Junior year as a concept is overwhelming and makes me feel like college is over and I'm already an adult, which, contrary to driving on the highway to get to work might make me feel, I'm definitely not yet. Until then I'll be grocery shopping with my father on Thursday nights, dog sitting for family and friends, working in beauty and publishing, spending lots of time on Lake Erie and at Wildwood Park and consuming lots and lots of Mr. Freeze.







I'll be back soon, I promise!



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