Thirty pounds lost and a lot more Gained

September 18, 2018

(I promise that title is funny to at least 11 other people.)


Hello, all, and thank you for reading my very overdue blog post. In this post, I'm going to be addressing quite a few things since we have some catching up to do. 


First, I hit my thirty pound mark. All good things. I lost about 13 pounds over the summer, and I didn't do it through any extreme measures whatsoever. I've found that when I feed my body good things in the right quantities, fat just falls off now. Obviously it took me a lot of tweaking in my diet and lifestyle to get to this point, but we're here and it's happening. If you want to chat about super easy things that you might be able to do to be healthier, I'm open for business, but I don't think that anyone needs to read another blog post about all that.


(I don't know if visual aids help people, but below are comparison pics.)

Aside from my weight-loss check in, tons of things have been going on. 


I've started my junior year at UK, which is horrifying. I can't believe how quickly freshman and sophomore year flew by, which is cliché as heck... oh well. School is going well, though, and I am in the thick of my major classes. This week I have approximately 500 pages of reading for three classes, a quiz in Italian, a project in my women's history class and a quiz and a lab in my psychology class. A girl is tired. Aside from having a ton to do for school, the main point of this post for me is something much, much more important. 


A true shoutout to the aforementioned 11 people that will get the joke in the title: I've started a fellowship program this year, which you may remember me blogging about around February when I interviewed and was (im)patiently awaiting their decision. We had a meet and greet kind of opportunity last semester, and I got to know a few of the other fellows there, but there's much more to tell now.


(For future reference, and hopefully people will subconsciously learn their names the more I post, the fellows are: Kate, Andrew, Tori, Sky, Madison, Montreale, Umair, Erin, Anna, Madan, Hannah and me.)


I think these people are going to save the world. I'm not even kidding. I got to know a lot of them and their aspirations and I swear to God, these people are incredible. All of our interests vary on such a wide spectrum, and there's never a dull moment in our discussions. We have some English majors, quite a few STEM majors, some History, an Architecture major, an Art History major, an International Studies major, and a Business major. I've never been part of such a lively discussion before in my life, let me tell ya. 


We went on a super cute bonding trip in the middle of nowhere in SE Kentucky (which is where my great grandfather is from, and someone told me I looked like one of the women there... spooky, right?). We got to stay in cabins and eat pot pie and sing Kumbaya by a camp fire. We didn't actually sing Kumbaya, but I suggested it more than one time. We also got lost driving through mountains more than once, and we found a cat that Anna, one of my fellow fellows (ha!), took model pictures with it.


I don't know how to emphasize this to the correct extent, so I'm going to be as blunt as humanly possible: These people are wonderful humans, and I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to work with them.


Also, our Unit One professor was a pretty stand-up guy, as well. 


Now that I've fully embraced my love for that group: other things in my life are going well. For those of you who are wondering (because my Instagram game has been lagging), Ben and I are still cute and happy and in love. All the mushy gushy things. Steve is also good. He's getting old, so he's not a great guard dog anymore, but he's doing such a good job everyday. 


My new apartment is good. I'm living with Lauryn (shocker!), Noelle and Megan. We started watching the Handmaid's Tale, which is spooky and intense and very well done. We can only do one episode at a time though, because it's such a dense show. I built a bookcase! And when I was hammering in the back, mid afternoon on a Sunday, my downstairs neighbor started hitting something on the ceiling, which I thought was funny... because it's not like 4 p.m. on a Sunday is typical sleeping time. I've also recently been embracing the color red. I bought red pants this summer (my first size 2!) that are super cute and businessy. I also bought a red top, and I'm looking for the perfect excuse to wear it. I've been painting my nails red, also, and honestly I feel like a boss b****. (Censoring FTK) 

In coming weeks/months depending on stress and workload, I'll be putting out some feelers for what kind of blog posts y'all want to read. I'm on my organization game this year, so I'd be more than happy to do some tips and tricks to stay organized in our very hectic world. I've been wanting to do more fun stuff in Lexington, so maybe Lauryn and I will post about those things. Who knows! Stay tuned for more stuff coming soon, hopefully.

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